Fantasy 星梦情真

About a decade ago, a half drunk Huiru (Xiang Yun) abandoned her 4 year old daughter Qianqian and disappear without a trace. Little Qianqian cried so hard that her eyes went blind. Brought up single-handedly by her uncle Guorong (Mai Haowei), the Qianqian today (Michelle Saram) today has grown into a pretty young woman blessed with a golden voice. Gone were the days of sobbing for her mother, Qianqian has instead become bubbly and optimistic about life. It's the 7th month getai (concert) and Guorong brings Qianqian along when he visits his old friend Ah Mu, who's the troupe leader. When Ah Mu is fretting over a singer's absence at the last minute, Guorong seizes the opportunity to recommend his niece. As a nervous Qianqian gingerly takes her first steps across the stage and completes her song, she never imagined that it actually open up a lucrative career in singing. At the same time as the audience below the stage soak in Qianqian's moving rendition, a young composer by the name of Haoran (Chen Hanwei) stands so impressed by Qianqian's voice that he decides to help her produce an album. When healthy sales of her album gets to the ears of an international music company's CEO Yang Xiong (Huang Wenyong), he gives immediate orders to sign Qianqian up as one of his artistes. For the sake of her career in the long run, Haoran reluctantly gives up her protege. Fang Xiaoman (Priscelia Chan), the music company's Ah Jie, sees Qianqian as her number one rival and goes all out to make things difficult for her visually-impaired colleague. The relentless fighting and scheming in the company renders the helpless Qianqian confused and lost. Meanwhile, Ziqian (Tay Ping Hui), a young doctor and regular patron of Guorong's coffee shop discovers that Qianqian's eyes may have a chance of recovering. All of a sudden, the 2 men in her life start to vie for her affections. Torn between Ziqian, the man who helped her regain sight and Haoran's unwavering friendship, Qianqian finds herself at a loss as to what to do. To add to her mountaining problems, her mother reappears and is repentent. Will Qianqian forgive her or take the same path as her when she gets overwhelmed with fame ? And will Qianqian be able to find her long lost father ?

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