Fifty & Fabulous 五零高手
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Qi Hua (Chew Chor Meng), Wang Qi (Marcus Chin) and Ke Long (Zheng Ge Ping) are childhood friends, although fast approaching their mid-fifties, they still kept the promise of cycling together to catch the sunrise on each other’s birthday. Qi Hua is a doting husband and father who handles everything from household chores to bills. But that causes his wife and two children to be overly dependent on him. He becomes despondent with his family’s neglect when he falls ill. What will he do to make them learn ? Wang Qi is estranged from his son who blames the former for causing the death of his mother. Wang Qi may look unaffected but he has been secretly helping his son out whenever he can. Will his efforts win back his family ? Ke Long is proud of his athletic body even at his age, but an injury makes him realizes that he cannot stay young forever, and his world starts to crumble. Does fifty really spells the end of a productive life ? Or can these three friends press the restart button and turn their fifties into the new twenties ? 王七(陈建彬)、叶启华(周初明)和马可隆(郑各评)从小在乡村一块儿长大。即便各奔前程,五十年来仍然风雨不改地履行着最初的诺言——相约在每年彼此生日当天一起骑脚车看日出。 高中老师启华爱心爆表,为家人鞠躬尽瘁,他不只把家人当公主王子伺候,每晚还会以一桌爱心健康料理绑住家人的胃。只可惜大家都将他的付出视为理所当然。启华发现自己身患顽疾。最意想不到的,是在他最脆弱的时刻,家人竟掉以轻心,连最基本的陪伴也无法给予。心寒的启华该如何怎么办呢? 倚老卖老的王七凶神恶煞,但在儿子面前抬不起头。因为他认为父亲害死了母亲,一直记恨王七。被家人遗弃的王七是否能放下身段,取得家人的谅解和宽恕,重回家庭的怀抱,享受晚年的温馨和幸福呢? 经营一家健身中心的可隆虽年近半百,却以强壮的体魄和帅气的外形成功逆龄,让他感到非常自豪。谁料过度强身的可隆却遭受了考验。脊椎受伤后的可隆无法接受自己高大的形象霎时倒下,逃避着不愿见人的他将如何面对自己的未来?到了半百的主人翁是否还能以多年累积的智慧让未来的生活回归生命中最精彩的篇章?

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