Fighting Tall
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Audio: English
Genre: Current Affairs

Over 10000 athletes from 205 countries will compete for glory in 42 different sports at the Rio Olympics. Amongst them are 8 athletes from Southeast Asia - a region not famous for producing Olympic winners. What's in store for them ? Even when the chance of winning a medal is slim, what dreams and aspirations do these sportsmen have ? What happens if they do not win ? This series is meant to go way beyond the sport to discover the athlete for who he or she really is outside of the arena. We focus on the emotional and personal experiences of each athlete, living their lives and seeing the Olympics through their eyes. We meet each athlete to observe their intensive daily training routines, as we get them to share more about the hardships that they face everyday - the side that nobody pays much attention to because athletes are just expected to deliver. With so many personal sacrifices that they have to endure to achieve sporting success, it begs the ultimate question: why is it worth it ?

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