Firasat S1

When CID Officer Firman Salihin survived a bus accident that left twenty-three dead, he becomes a different man. Haunted by the fact that he had failed to save the victims from danger and had survived with the guilt of not saving them from certain death, Firman suffers from survivor’s guilt and is suspended from duties. Forced to talk to his psychiatrist Dr. Elina Jamaluddin, Firman is constantly haunted by his past. His therapy sessions are done in a private mental healthcare facility called Wallbrook. Everything changes one day when Firman’s mother passes away in the old folk’s home leaving him a very old family portrait. Firman discovers that he has an older brother and he quickly finds him in Wallbrook itself. And as it turns out, Syawal Salihin is an autistic savant. Firman’s withdrawn nature mirrors that of Syawal who refuses to have any real human contact. But something about Firman draws Syawal out of his shell. When Firman discovers a boxful of old drawings done by Syawal, he discovers that the drawings are of the different crimes and disasters that had happened in the last three decades in Singapore. What’s more peculiar, the drawings are all drawn twenty-four hours before each of the events transpired. Instantly intrigued by his brother’s premonition and drawing, Firman realizes that this is his chance of redeeming himself from his past. Taking Syawal in, Firman uses the drawings and begins to find clues and averting them before they can even happen. In the process of his adventure, Firman begins to connect with his older brother and the two find kindred spirits with each other. But can they remain close when danger is always on the horizon, threatening to tear them apart forever ?

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