First Touch S1

Audio: English
Genre: Drama

You’ve seen Edmund Chen, Nick Shen in our Chinese drama and you’ve seen Vernetta in the hilarious sitcom ‘ Under One Roof’…NOW, see them in action in our latest English production – First Touch ! Ever wondered about the miracle workers who spend almost all their waking hours bringing life into this world ? Take a glimpse into the lives of doctors working in the Obstetrics & Gynecology department of a general hospital in First Touch. Against this frenzied backdrop emerges stories dealing with the common man's high hopes and deep-seated fears. And in this highly charged setting, one of our country's national obsessions is played out - the need for reproduction. This series is as much about the doctors as it is about the patients. We see many problems and issues through their eyes – their struggles as they make life and death decisions every day and their exuberance and joy when they deliver a difficult birth.

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