Follow That Rainbow
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Audio: English
Genre: Current Affairs

Lee Kuan Yew's contribution to Singapore's success is well-documented over the 60 years he served as a key political figure in Singapore's history. Older Singaporeans are familiar with how through his leadership a small nation became one of the world's most successful countries. But is this the same for the country's youth ? This one-hour documentary explores the legacy of Singapore's founding father through the eyes of a 25-year-old lawyer. Born in 1990, the same year that Mr Lee's term as Prime Minister came to a close, Nadia grew up in a Singapore already well on its way to first world status. Like many of her Gen Y counterparts, most of what she knew about Mr Lee was through text books. One year after his death, Nadia is struck by his call to those with the spirit of adventure to "follow that rainbow". She embarks on a journey to gain a deeper understanding of this leader and discovers how he put Singapore on the map and that his legacy extends well beyond the island's shores.

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