Audio: Malay
Genre: Drama, Info-Ed, Lifestyle

The episode begins with Fasha ranting about her job applications, which she has been sending out in abundance. She rants in Twitter negatively and in some instances even using foul language. She is complaining on how she is exhausted and none of the companies that she has applied to respond to her applications. As Fasha is well liked and has many friends, her negative rants stirred many others who are concerned. Instead of giving words of encouragement, many of her friends followed suit and join in to tweet negatively in agreement to Fasha. This made what originally was Fasha’s issue to become rather huge and mentioned by many of her friends as well. One afternoon she receives a direct message from an expert by surprise. It seems that all those negative tweets has caught the attention of Ms Suria Mohd, an online extraordinaire. She read all the negative tweets and realized it directed back to Fasha. After checking several social media sites belonging to Fasha, Ms Suria got aware of Fasha’s talent and has willingly come forth to give Fasha advice on Netiquette. They eventually meet up and that was when Ms Suria shares with Fasha tips on tweeting with a purpose, increasing followers through a focused topic and the fundamentals of running an online business. This open Fasha’s mind and made her start thinking of many other areas of possible routes she could take in her life.

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