Footprints in Asia 大脚印

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Travel, Variety

In this new season of Big Footprints, Ben Yeo continues to lead us on new adventures to find out more on interesting people and things in Asia. Each episode features an in-depth look into the different cultures and customs as the series delve into 5 Asian countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Turkey. 在全新的第二系列,杨志龙将把脚印踏在亚洲国家,率领喜爱猎奇的观众朋友,继续探索新奇有趣的人事物, 挖掘更多鲜为人知的新鲜事。 这一次,大脚印分别在泰国、台湾、印尼、香港、土耳其五个亚洲国家烙下足迹,深入窥探不同的当地文化风情,每一集都是一趟精彩的探索之旅!

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