FORUMsg 2014
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Audio: Malay
Genre: Documentary, Current Affairs

The recent Pearson’s Learning Curve Report ranked the Singapore Education System as third in the world, just behind Japan and South Korea. Surely things are right with our schools if it’s products are recognized as one of the best in the world. Yet, we came across various complains thrown at MOE – that our system is too rigid, stressful, very exam oriented and reward only academic excellence. The fact that the tuition sector has flourish has also been used to pinpoint the shortcomings of teachers and the syllabus in schools. To be fair, Singapore education is not static. Over the years, various recalibrations were made to fine tune the system. Question is, has enough been done? And to what extent are the key stakeholders convinced? Can we attain a balance education system that optimize various talents without sacrificing excellence? The 4 guest panelists for the topic on Education: 1. Mdm Aini Maarof – Principal, Tanglin Secondary School 2. Dr Aidil Subhan – Lectur

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