Good Luck! 百岁大吉

Lin-He Xiangniang, a centenarian, lives alone in a villa with her maid, Fen-jie. She has four sons and one daughter. When she was 54, she adopted her good friend’s granddaughter, Xiaozhen. Xiangniang’s eldest son has passed away. Her second son, Xiaoyi, and daughter, Xiaolian, have emigrated. Only her third son, Xiaohe; youngest son, Xiaoping; and Xiaozhen are around. Xiaohe has failed repeatedly in his business. Xiaoping and his wife often create problems. Xiaozhen has a gambling habit. Disappointed in them all, Xiangniang gave them a part of her fortune and threw them out 20 years ago. She is sad Fen-jie is retiring soon but refuses to show it.Full Synopsis available in 8 Days

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