Good Morning Sir 早安老师

Audio: English
Genre: Drama

During the post-war period in the 1950s, the public in Singapore began to take education seriously hence more schools were built to cater to burgeoning number of students. An enthusiastic new teacher Shen Rong (Chen Liping) just started her teaching career and is posted to a school in a fishing village. Shen Rong has a bubbly personality and her interactive method of teaching helped the students improve tremendously in their studies. Not only that, her kind and helpful nature also helped her gain the respect and love of her students. During her time at the fishing village, she met a Chinese doctor Zhou Wenjie (Li Nanxing) and instantly fell in love with him. However, Wenjie’s conservative father objects to their relationship. Will the lovers be able to change his father’s mind and be together ? 在战后的五十年代初,新加坡大众渐渐意识到教育的重要性。在新加坡的某个小渔村里,一位对教学富有热忱的女孩,沈蓉(陈莉萍)正式地成为了小渔村学校里的教师。她亲切的个性以及活泼的教学方式让学生的功课渐渐进步. 不仅如此,同学们也欣赏她乐意助人的个性,她因此赢得同学们的敬仰与爱戴。沈蓉在小渔村认识了中医师周文杰(李南星),他们俩后来相恋但是却遭到文杰父亲的反对。这对情侣是否能够打动文杰的父亲,让有情人终成眷属呢?

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