Happy-Go-Lucky 欢喜没烦恼
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Audio: Hokkien Chinese
Genre: Variety

Singapore's very first magazine variety programme in dialect Happy-Go-Lucky is coming ! Bringing together local and overseas celebrity artistes, this 15-episode programme will bring you stunning surprises ! Watch local comical cast put up hilarious skits as they discuss issues close to our hearts. Also, join us to uncover the best "lobang" for senior citizens ! Famous Taiwanese chef James will bring you into the homes of local grandpas and grandmas to exchange healthy cooking tips. Just in case you are looking for more, let's follow our celebrity hosts to discover the stories of exciting local and overseas seniors ! 《欢喜没烦恼》是本地首个方言杂志类综艺节目。15集内容,聚集海内外星光,打造堪称今年最星光熠熠的一档综艺节目!节目内容包罗万象,包括非常接地气的诙谐爆笑短剧,还带领观众穿街走巷寻找适合乐龄人士的“好介绍”。台湾名厨兼主持人詹姆士还会走进阿公阿嬷的家里做菜交流,分享健康贴士!每集节目也会看到由不同艺人担任嘉宾主持,追踪海内外生活得非一般的银发族,势必让观众大开眼界!星期五的中午时段,接下来将非常不一样!

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