Happy Belly

The restaurant sitcom that serves great laughs ! Hot woks and hairy crabs… …rule the day when Chef Wong San Hoi finally fulfils his lifelong dream. To start his very own Chinese restaurant, with the help of his very own family, and a little investment from brother-in-law and restaurant manager, Johnny Chow. Kitchen fires and stolen kisses… … go unnoticed while Chef Wong rants and raves at Johnny’s schemes and scams, and the restaurant is kept running by the ever resourceful skills of Chef Wong’s wife, Mei Kwei, the iron claws in velvet paws. Pornographic fortune cookies… ….notwithstanding, good waiters are hard to find, especially when they come in the form of Ah Keong, Chef Wong’s computer nerd son who can’t tell the difference between Shark Fin Soup and instant noodles. Or worse, his daughter Tracy Wong, who’d rather wear anything than a waitress’s apron. Stir Fry… …doesn’t quite make the mark without a pinch of Antonio, sometime gangster and full-time dishwasher. Throw in a dollop of Eldon, kitchen cutter and resident imbecile – and this half-hour sitcom is ready to go !

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