Happy Trio 青春123

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

He Peiyi (Chen Bifeng), Zheng Manling (Yang Libing), Wu Shinan (Wu Shuxian) and Guan Yizhen (Liu Ruixiang) are close friends in the secondary school. They also attend the same ballter school set up by Fang Qiuru (Huang Peiru). Shinan prefers gymnastics and spends her time pracitsing daily. The day of the Royal Ballet Exmaination dawns. Peiyi and her two friends feel nervous. Peiyi's mother, Zhou Huilan (Li Yinzhu) is at the examination hall to give her daughter moral support. Fang QIuru advises her students not to be nervous. Soon after Peiyi and Manling enter the examination hall, Yizhen's turn comes to take the examination too. however, she suddenly panics and decides to withdraw. When Peiyi and Manling complete their examination, they learn about Yizhen's last minute decision. They look for her and finally find her.

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