Hero 大英雄
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Some Sexual References 些许性相关语

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Zhou Fada, nicknamed Big Brother, lives in the Dakota Crescent neighbourhood, where Ye Xiaoying and Zhang Weixiong also live. Big Brother is a young loafer with erratic behaviour. Though Xiaoying is Big Brother’s uncle and his senior, they bicker constantly. Weixiong is a beautiful female law student and has known Big Brother since young. The three are self-proclaimed “heroes” of Dakota Crescent. Big Brother’s grandmother, nicknamed Grandma Wuxia, is helpful with a sense of righteousness. She even takes care of her neighbour, Cardboard Auntie, when she is ill. In the hope of getting her to buy them a meal, Big Brother and Xiaoying flatter Grandma Wuxia shamelessly. She laments that both of them are lazy and good-for-nothing. None of Big Brother’s jobs last, and all of Xiaoying’s business ventures have failed. In exasperation, she gives them $2 to buy food for the three of them. Big Brother manages to get them a decent meal with just $2. Also living in the neighbourhood are Guan Meiyu and Guan Meimei, a pair of twins. Meiyu is smart, while Meimei is not as able. Meiyu orders Meimei to sing at hawker centres to earn a living. She gives her a bottle of pepper to defend herself. Luo Bei is moved by Meimei’s voice. He gives her a $50 tip. Stunned, Meimei does not dare accept it. Big Brother urges her to keep it.

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