Housewives Holiday 煮妇的假期

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Three housewives become friends when they worked together to nab a thief that stole bras from the neighbourhood.Each housewife is different in character. Chen Si Mei, 42, is very thrifty and looks out for small advantages. Alice, 40, is the modern one, who enjoys making herself look good. Zhong Ai Qin, 39, is a natural worrier. Alice looks down on the others and pretends she’s a rich tai tai. Si Mei, in a bid to stand up to Alice, lies that her husband is a rich businessman. Each has a different set of problems – a philandering husband, interfering in-laws and marriages that have lost their romance. All things come to a head when Alice discovers her husband has a mistress. Ai Qin, too is shocked when her suspicions about her husband is confirmed. Si Mei is devastated when she finds that her husband has resumed his gambling habit again.The three women, who had been fighting secretly amongst one another, realise they are all in the same boat. All their sacrifices for their families had come to a nought. It was time for them to live for themselves.They decide to go for a long holiday and set off without saying goodbye to their families. Their disappearances cause chaos in their families. 现年的42岁的陈思美,为人节俭,爱贪小便宜,经常把他人丢弃在组屋楼下的垃圾捡回家里。她与老公,女儿以及母亲四人住在一间窄小的三房式组屋。与她同龄的老公陈伟斌是名德士司机,生性豪爽,曾经因为赌博赔上了老婆的嫁妆,答应老婆从此不再赌博,是个怕老婆的男人。 思美报名参加联络所主办的烹饪班,认识了住在组屋附近的ALICE与爱琴。这三个家庭主妇因为一次抓拿变态内贼而日渐发展了无所不谈的好友。 已四十岁的ALICE是个爱打扮的摩登主妇,很爱炫耀,贪慕虚荣,与老公张家盛,一对子女,以及家婆住在五房式组屋,家里的经济全落在老公的肩上,家盛是名工程师,个性非常大男人。她的家婆则是个唠唠叨叨的老太婆,两人经常起摩擦,孝顺的老公却经常要ALICE忍让妈妈,而ALICE却一直暗打算盘,希望家婆能搬去另一个儿子的家住。 家盛是个高尔夫球迷,经常出国打球不回家,ALICE是个聪明的女人,她知道要抓住老公的心,首先就得抓住他的胃,于是她才四处报名学习烹饪。 而现年39岁的钟爱琴则是个怕事懦弱,多愁善感的紧张大师,与家婆家翁,老公以及一对儿女住在四房式组屋。

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