If Only I Could... 十年。。。你还好吗?
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Audio: English
Genre: Drama

Chen Zhenhao, a slighly plump woman with permed hair, is an ordinary "auntie" sort. Her husband, He Daxian, is a handyman. Their son, Zijun, is a hyperactive child. Meihua, who is living in the unit below Zhenhao’s, complains about her dripping clothes. Zhenhao apologises and explains that her washing machine ia out of order and has yet to be replaced. Daxian promises to buy a new washing machine and refrigerator once he accepts a few more jobs. Huo Xiwen, Zee & Zee’s AVP, is a successful career woman. Nearing 40 years of age, she has only just had a baby. She and her husband, Huang Degang, started their business together 10 years ago. After much struggle, their business is finally prospering. Success has changed Degang. He has numerous extramarital affairs. Although Xiwen is heartbroken, she forgives him time after time. Zee & Zee’s 20th branch opens. This coincides with the launch of the flagship store. Xiwen, Degang and Fiona, a local celebrity, are present at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Xiwen’s good friend, Kaiqin, arrives to congratulate them. Xiwen goes to the toilet. A man sneaks up to her and points a knife at her neck. Andy accuses Xiwen and Degang of using underhanded means in their business, thus causing him to go bankrupt. He declares that he will not let the matter rest. Because of Degang, Xiwen has a strained relationship with her father, Huo Zhiyong. Zhiyong’s company is in financial difficulty. Xiwen offers to help, but he turns her down. Zhenhao’s mother-in-law, Xiumei, wins some money and gives Zhenhao $50. Daxian wants Zhenhao to save the money so that Xiumei can use it to recoup her losses the next time. Zijun has learning difficulties. His teacher suggests enrolling him in a special school. Zhenhao decides against it as she does not want her son to be discriminated against. Zhenhao suspects she has breast cancer. After a checkup at the hospital, she bumps into Xiwen. They were secondary school friends. Their relationship soured as a result of love issues with Lin Sen. Zhenhao gives up all her savings to help Daxian clear his friend’s debt. She is so angry that she makes a wish to go back in time and change her life by not marrying him. As Zhenhao is walking into a tunnel, a paranormal phenomenon occurs and she is transported back in time 10 years.

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