Ilayar Kondaattam
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Audio: Tamil
Genre: Documentary, Info-Ed

In celebration of SG50, Youth Celebrate ! is a showcase of the vitality of our youth and their achievements in sports, arts and the uniformed groups, which took place on 26th July 2015 at the Singapore Sports Hub. Themed ‘Celebrate Diverse Talents, Creating Shared Memories and Looking Forward with Confidence’, Youth Celebrate ! was held on Youth Day this year and included displays of sports feats, performing arts and choreographed freestyle drills. The event brought together more than 4,100 performers and athletes from all MOE schools, as well as Special Education schools and Institutes of Higher Learning. This is the first time that MOE, in conjunction with MCCY, has organised an event at one location for over 50,000 students from our schools, as well as special Education schools and Institutes of Higher Learning.

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