IT Figures S4
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Audio: English
Genre: Current Affairs

When does a number become scary ? When does a percentage mean good news ? To understand that , and all the data and eyebrow-raising claims thrown at us - we have to strip. Strip down the statistics, that is. And you can count on the series It Figures to do just that for you. We ask the intelligent questions you've always wanted to ask. We look at the figures that matter in your everyday life - the cost of childcare, healthcare and retirement. We break down the rankings and claims that make us go, "Really ? ! " We do that because statistics are not for the experts. Statistics are for you and me. And in this new season of It Figures, new presenter Richard Herrera brings his energy and dynamic curiosity to all corners of the globe. His mission ? To make the stories behind the statistics accessible, relevant and uncannily timely.

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