It Takes Two 对对碰

It is the beginning of a new day. Ziqiang, aka Fish Prince, is a fishmonger who gets along well with everyone. Niu Ji and Hao Ji are two rival fishball noodle stalls in the hawker centre. Business at Niu Ji is brisk because its fishballs are freshly made every day. Hao Ji is run by Hao Youcai and his wife, Luo Na. He is an honest man. An unreasonable woman, Luo Na often picks on Niu Wuyin of Niu Ji. A maid buys tofu from Amy and leaves her trolley at the stall. While she is in the toilet, an old lady claims to be her mistress and takes the trolley. Youcai, who helps the old lady with the trolley, is forced to compensate the maid. A psychotic man poses as a doctor and sneaks into Youcai’s house when Youcai’s mother leaves the door open. He is about to molest Youcai’s daughter, Meiying, when the telephone rings. Wuyin’s son, Shaowei, who is a real estate agent, is calling Meiying. This synopses was first published in 8 DAYS.

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