Sharing a bed is one way to strengthen a relationship, but how well do our favourite celeb couples sleep together? Catch intimate interviews with Andie Chen & Kate Pang; Pan Lingling & Huang Shinan; Zheng Geping & Hong Hui Fang; Ang Junyang & Candyce Toh; Edmund Chen & Xiang Yun; as they let us in on their bedroom secrets and sleeping patterns. What happens when one is a night owl and one is an early riser? How do you deal with a snoring partner? And when kids come into the picture…?

In Bed With debuts October 3, every Monday.

同床共枕如何和平共处甜蜜久久?明星夫妻陈邦鋆、庞蕾馨;黄世南、潘玲玲;郑各评、洪慧芳;洪俊扬、杜蕙甹以及陈之财、向云分享闺房、睡眠密事。 夫妻相融、家庭相安、孩子相处…仅在《幸福双人床》!


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