In The Name Of Love 最爱是你

Song Xinren inherits an antique shop from his father. Business is slack, so he often resorts to trickery such as placing some antiques where it is easy for customers to break them unwittingly upon entering the shop. Then, he makes them pay for the damage or buy the piece. The old-style apartment Xinren lives in is also a property he inherited from his father. He and his elder sister, Chuyun, are co-owners. Its good location finds favour with a developer who sends his staff to collect signatures from occupants to seek an en bloc sale. 宋信仁继承父业,经营着一间古董店,生意不是很好,所以经常都搞些小手段,故意把一些古董摆在易跌易碰到的地方,让进来的客户打破,进而逼他们还钱或者买下。信仁住的老旧公寓也是父亲留下来的产业,与姐姐楚云连名共有。由于地点优越,深受发展商青睐,派人进行收集同意书,寻求集体出售。

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