Joys Of Life 花样人间

The bustling Hua Xiang Street is home to a few families. The celebrity wannabe Zhao Ming Xing is desperate to meet movie star Li Ling Hua. He drags along friends Zi Bin, Yi Duo, Rou Rou to get tickets, but end up in an altercation with the ticket touts. Zi Bin's father manages to give Li Ling Hua a ride, and boasts of it after. 第1集: 热闹的花香街大杂院里,住着好几户人家。追求明星梦的赵明星因为大明星李玲华前来随片登台,拉了好友子斌、一多、柔柔一起去买票,结果与黄牛党发生冲突,一时鸡飞狗跳。子斌的父亲Roti叔还因此载到大明星,向众人炫耀一番。

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