Justice In The City 庭外和解

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Artiste Shen Meimei hires Zhuo Huiqi to sue a magazine for printing intimate pictures of her and her ex-boyfriend, Jiabao. Huiqi recommends her mentor, Luo Youwei, to help them. Meimei’s manager, Victor, declares Meimei had dated Jiabao before she became a star and was gullible to let him take those pictures. Meimei wants to keep a lid on the case, so as not to jeopardise her relationship with the wealthy Liu Haojun. However, Victor insists justice should be upheld. Jiabao, who is on drugs, tries to run when the police look him up. He is nearly knocked down by the car driven by Qiu Jianzhi, a lawyer. Jianzhi offers to represent him. Jiabao tells Jianzhi that he had lost his mobile phone two days ago and the pictures were in that phone. Jianzhi asks his father, Weiqiang, a retired cop who is now a taxi driver, to find the phone. This synopses was first published in 8 DAYS.

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