Kelas Kekek

Kelas Kekek comprises of sketch comedies which parody contemporary culture, local satires and social issues performed by a varying cast repertory and guest artistes. It is a good mix of veteran comedians and young actors. The show will be recorded in front of a live audience. Kelas Kekek is set in a classroom of adults who are attending enrichment courses. The students comprise of colorful characters. Each week, the group attends a different course such as social etiquette, personal grooming and public communication. The ‘teacher’ will also introduce new students (guest artistes) to the class before starting the class. The program will also end in the classroom with the teacher asking the class what they have learnt for that day. In each episode, there will be a total of 5 sketches. There will be a few recurring sketches with the same characters but in different situations. The sketches will be about local satires and social issues. There will be a sketch related to the course that the ‘teacher’ teaches. As a short breaker from the sketches, audience will be brought back to the classroom but this time at the coffee corner where the characters share what they think about the class and the other students. The resident comedians are Ahmad Stokin, Farhana, Mastura Ahmad, Khairudin Samsudin, Suhaimi Yusof, Sufian Ahmad, Hariani Othman and Zainal Ihim.

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