Audio: Malay
Genre: Drama

Kosmopolitan, a drama series about the urban life of a group of friends, where maintaining an image or a persona is important. The landscape is the city life of the modern Singapore where it is about bright lights, skyscrapers and social networks. It moves at blistering speed and it never sleeps. Many city dwellers much like in Singapore have to run in order to stand still, what more move up the corporate and social ladders. Running is what brought four late twenty-something together. Having met at a gym, the acquaintance develops into friendship. The four friends who call themselves the Fab Four have been confiding and sharing their problems. They represent people of different backgrounds and at different points of their lives. What they have in common is the search for happiness and what they understand of it. However, secrets, lies and deceits entangle them and bring them further from the very happiness that they are in search of.

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