Kampong Ties 甘榜情

One day in the distant sixties, Lin Shuixian is forced by her foster mother to marry into Kampong Wang Lai and become the wife of Wang Lihai. On the day of the marriage, the entire Kampong Wang Lai is in a state of excitement, but the neighbouring house brings foreboding news. The daughter in-law of the boss of 'Ji Ai' (sundry shop), Feng Yueman committed suicide by consuming poison with her newborn baby, and are in the midst of being resuscitated. Through the clash of great sorrow and great joy, the entire village breaks out into an uncontrollable bustle as everyone voices their thoughts......After his marriage, Wang Lihai leaves the village and goes to work in the coffee shop in town. The enormous Wang family estate becomes occupied by only Lin Shuixian. Loose tongue neighbor 'Nine Headed Bird' often comes to make trouble, saying that there are ghosts and demons here and there. At this moment, Feng Yueman unexpectedly becomes her chain to reality. Finding a good opportunity, Feng Yueman comes to apologize personally, saying she should not have done something so foolish on the day of the wedding, and that she is deeply sorry. Lin Shui Xian forgives her and gives her condolences. 六十年代的新加坡,居住于市区的林水仙无可奈何的被养母强行安排,远道嫁入甘榜旺来,成为王立海的老婆。婚礼这一天,整个甘榜旺来为之轰动,隔壁屋子却传来惊人消息,及埃(杂货店)老板蔡天狮的媳妇冯月满与刚出世的女婴双双服毒自杀,正在抢救中...... 丧礼婚礼、红事白事撞在一起,绞在其中,全村人就好像被滚热的油炸开锅般的那样热闹,大家议论纷纷......婚后,王立海就离开家里,回到小镇上的咖啡店里工作,庞大的王家就留下林水仙独自看守,喜欢搬弄是非的邻居九头鸟常常来说这里闹鬼,那里有妖,把林水仙气得牙痒痒,这时候,冯月满反而成为了她生活上的一个寄托。冯月满找到适当的机会,亲自上门向林水仙道歉,表示自己不该在林水仙婚礼当天做出这样的唐突行为,心里深感过意不去。林水仙宽厚的原谅了她,并给予慰问。林水仙知道冯月满自从生了一名哑女之后,经常被家翁蔡天狮、丈夫蔡家青的欺凌、虐待,心里立即对她产生了同情。从此,二人成为知心好友,生活上互相关照。

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