Kasih Berbisik

Trust…betrayal…deception…nothing is what it seems. Betraying one’s trust is not as simple as one who is caught in a web of circumstance and ill fate. Set against a backdrop of Metropolitan Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and the lush green of dairy-fields of Malaysia, and exotic traditional dance Bali, this is a universal tale of unforgiving love, one full of mystery, jealousy and the conspiracy of friendship which turns sour and eventually, murder. It takes the sincerity of a child that binds all the good efforts and virtues to defend the dark truth and honesty in her family. The drama travels from Singapore to certain parts of Malaysia and Bali. The exotic character of a traditional dancer becomes the obsession of many men. They are her ex-lover, friend and husband. The unfulfilling love can turn these men can turn into evil or saint. The guilt lingers until the truth unveils.

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