King Of The Keng

Audio: English
Genre: Comedy

Cedric Howard assumes his new job as General Manager of Singapore Recycling Corporation. But he soon realises there is more than meets the eye when his Director and personal assistant beat around the bush on why he is really hired. Finally it is revealed - the true motive in hiring Cedric Howard as the new General Manager. First day of work for Cedric Howard as the new GM is to fire 'someone, anybody' ? ! But Cedric has better plans to be seen as the caring Ang Moh Boss. Cedric tries to be seen to be fair and he conducts interviews with all the employees in search of who to fire. The first one he interviews is Wani, the HR officer, but with strange results and a possible sexual harassment attempt on Cedric ! Cedric continues his interview - now with James, the Finance officer, only to uncover more craziness and more strange myths about this mysterious person in the office, the Assistant GM – Keng. The next interviewee looks more like Cedric’s cup of tea. It turns out that Sue doesn't work in SRC but in fact, wants a job there. Cedric is smitten and 'persuaded' to employ Sue. Now, he is in trouble. Instead of firing someone, he hired Sue. Cedric continues the interview with Andy, the Sales Manager. He can’t understand a word Andy says, but strangely, everyone at the whole office understands him except Cedric. But 'Angee' seems to know where this elusive AGM and highly irresponsible Keng's whereabouts are. Finally, Cedric and Keng meet - unceremoniously in front of the toilet. Cedric brings Keng to a confrontation with Director Mao and his personal assistant, declaring to have Keng fired from the company. However, things take an unexpected turn when the Chairman returns slightly earlier than expected - thanks to the Kengful Master. It’s 'who you know that matters' rings true.

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