Kita Gerek S2

Audio: Malay
Genre: Documentary, Info-Ed, Variety

After a successful season celebrating everything local in 2011, Kita Gerek is back ! This time, we are paying tribute to the genres that make up our colourful Malay pop culture. We will talk about the origins of the genre, its evolution, influence in our culture and above all, celebrate it. This time round, Kita Gerek will not only be relevant to Singaporeans, but it will also represent the Malay speaking region of the Nusantara. Kita Gerek Season 2 hopes to brand itself as a point of reference of Malay pop culture. Thus, in this new season, we will not only feature local singers, but also those from around the region as well. With an array of new and revamped segments, this new season of Kita Gerek promises to entertain while celebrating the 'gerek-ness' of our Nusantara pop culture.

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