Kita Orang Singapura S2

Audio: Malay
Genre: Game Show, Info-Ed, Variety

Kita Orang Singapura is back for its 2nd season after the success of its first run. Kita Orang Singapura is an hour game show where contestants will contest for its top prize money worth $5000 by answering trivia questions pertaining to anything and everything about Singapore. Fronted by the well- known presenter, Najip Ali accompanied by the resident celebrity, BJ Kadir, the show promises a night of fun, laughter and jam packed entertainment. Along with the presenter and the resident celebrity, Kita Orang Singapura Season 2 will be featuring celebrities from different background as well. The difference for the selection of these celebrities for this season will be the categorizing of the celebrities according to their genre and profiles. We are looking at having the celebrities in these categories such as ‘Heroes’, ‘Heroines’, ‘Reality Stars’, ‘Hosts’, ‘Singers’, ‘Veterans’, ‘New Faces’, ‘Deejays’ and ‘Comedians’. This will give each episode its distinct character and aura as the celebrities have something in common within them.

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