Kitchen Invasion
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Can food be tasty yet healthier?

Singapore is a multicultural food paradise. Eating out is a national pastime. We love our chicken rice, laksa, mee gorengs and nasi lemaks.

Now, what if we could keep the same great taste of these dishes and yet give these dishes a healthier spin? In this digital series entitled Kitchen Invasion, we do just that.

Invading kitchens around Singapore are our elite squad of Chefs and resident nutritionist to lend the Chefs a healthy dose of inspiration. From hawker stalls to cafes, restaurants, a wedding caterer and even a preschool, our chefs go head to head to reinvent a healthier version of the original dish that tastes just as good as the original. The venue’s owner then decides which of the healthier dishes tickles his/her taste buds the most and is worthy of winning the coveted Golden Spoon!

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