Le Petit Chef 我的师傅是大厨

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Food, Variety

In this brand new kids cooking program, the main stars of the show are kids who have a keen interest in cooking. Get ready to see the hidden talents and creativity of these kids as they showcase their culinary skills every week ! In every episode, kids will be given a task of cooking up 2-3 dishes, and the host Lee Teng will lead his assistant (Yuan Shuai, Jeremy) to participate. A Celebrity Chef will be invited in every episode to be an advisor for the kids and will be assigned to guide them alone. During the final part of the program, mysterious guests will be invited to the kids’ house and they will eat and give some comments. 一般新加坡的家庭分为两大类:第一类:父母不让孩子进厨房烹饪,因为他们觉得厨房是很危险的地方,害怕孩子受伤第二类:父母思想开通,觉得对烹饪有兴趣的孩子,应该发挥所长这个全新的小朋友烹饪节目因此诞生,主角是对烹饪有浓厚兴趣的小孩。他们将在节目中大展厨艺,让观众为小孩的纯真可爱会心一笑的同时,也能大开眼界,欣赏他们的烹饪天份和无限创意 ! 每集由小朋友担任主角,走进厨房,烹煮2-3道美味料理。而李腾将率领他的助手(袁帅、田铭耀)一起全程参与.节目中会邀请一位大厨担任他们的“师傅”,负责从旁协助并给孩子们烹饪上的意见,一旦发现他们做错,也会马上纠正.最后也会有神秘嘉宾前来享用他们用心烹煮的这一餐,并发表感想.

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