Life - Fear Not 人生无所畏
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Zhuang Daoren is selling jade in the streets. Meigui mistakes him for a conman and is about to arrest him when screams pierce the air: “Robbery ! Robbery ! ” Meigui ties Daoren’s hand to hers and goes after the robber. She nabs Yishou, who has just been released from prison, but it turns out to be a case of mistaken identity. Daoren returns to the inn his family runs and tries to pull a prank on his father, Shuiqing, who is taking a nap. Just then, Boss Cai turns up for the free green bean soup offered by the inn. Yishou discovers his family has moved away and left no forwarding address or other contact. He takes out all his money and counts up only $80. Daohan passes by and drops her wallet accidentally. Yishou picks it up and decides to keep it. Daohan plans to break up with her boyfriend, and asks him not to pick her up. Unable to hail a taxi to ferry her to work, she asks Jinbin for a lift but is turned down. Daohan manages to get to her office in Lin Dashou’s taxi, but discovers her wallet missing. Coincidentally, she meets Jinbin, who yet again refuses to help her. A pair of youngsters who look like lovers checks into the inn. The manager, Lin Jiajia, stalls for time and calls the school principal, only to realise the two youngsters are siblings. Boss Cai turns up and surprises everyone by offering the inn a box of fish heads.

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