Life Story S2
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Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Drama, Info-Ed

Life Story is back with another season of heartwarming, inspirational true stories. The new season kicks off with a special two-parter - on the lives of former Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Officer, Lionel De Souza and a former gangster, who was once one of Singapore’s top wanted criminal, Neville Tan. Watch how the lives of the two teenagers developed and crossed over the years and how they eventually end up being friends. Based on true life stories, "Life Story" is also about the simple things in life. Every week, a different individual's story is told. There is the story of an unlikely friendship between an ex-cop and an ex-convict turned pastor. There is also the rags-to-riches story of Mustaq Ahmad, founder of shopping centre Mohamed Mustafa & Samsuddin, the touching story of Aids sufferer Paddy Chew, Singapore's first and only face of Aids to date and many more heartwrenching stories. Be touched. Be inspired.

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