Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Health, Variety

Through the research of a health magazine journalist, find out more about chronic diseases, its prevention and how one could manage it in this infotainment programme. This 30-minute weekly series will be presented in three segments and the story always starts from Jack’s office at a health magazine. In each episode, you will learn about the problems and issues related to chronic diseases, how to prevent them, how to manage it and where sufferers could reach out for help. Each episode will focus on one chronic disease. The first segment will focus on Jack visiting a real patient who had suffered from the chronic disease. In the form of research, the patient narrates what happened when he/she was first attacked by the disease. The second segment will highlight his/her everyday life and incorporate information on disease management. The segment will look at how the patient recovers from the illness and the life experiences he/she faced in the critical period. It will also look at the importance of adhering to treatment and steps taken to prevent the recurrence/ complications of the illness (secondary and tertiary prevention). Jack will also go to the hospital to look for a real doctor who will further illustrate and demonstrate by graph chart, diagram or model, some issues on the illness and prevention of the illness. The third segment will focus on primary prevention. It will discuss on how to live a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing diseases especially the one featured in the first segment. The messages will include early detection, early treatment and change of lifestyle where appropriate.

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