Lost Chapters

Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Education

The Forgotten Soldiers is about Singapore’s first soldiers. A forgotten story of brave men, who answered a call to arms when many had yet to call Singapore home. In Episode 1 of Lost Chapters, we look at the story of Song Ong Siang and Lim Book Keng, two stalwarts in the Peranakan society who lobbied in the early 1900s to form the first local volunteer force. In this lesser known story, we reveal a story of patriotism, loyalty and willingness to fight and die for Singapore. In During that time, the mettle of the first company of soldiers is tested during the Sepoy Mutiny and World War 1. The story transits to World War 2 when a new breed of volunteers lead by Captain Yap Pheng Geck, fights for Singapore.

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