Love Blossoms 心花朵朵开

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

Widower Tao Dashun (Chen Shucheng) runs a floral nursery business Tao Garden . He has four daughters; however, he is not expressive with his affections and his daughters become very distant from him as they grow up. Dashun has been estranged from his eldest daughter Linglan (Constance Song) ever since he personally sent her to a drug rehabilitation centre when she was 18. The rebellious Linglan did not return home after her release. She gave birth to a daughter Yiling and after her boyfriend abandoned her, both begin living with a bookie Lu Gua (Chen Tianwen) who often looks for opportunities to violate Yiling (Chen Chuxuan). Yiling becomes good friends with Dashun by coincidence and through this Linglan is reunited with her father. Linglan is indifferent to Dashun's good intentions to make things up to her. Lu Gua on the other hand takes advantage of Dashun's guilt to reap benefits out of him. Dashun's second daughter Zijing (Ivy Lee) is married to a flower vendor Yun Kaiwang (Zheng Geping) and they have a daughter. Due to financial constraints, she has decided not to try for a son – a decision that places her at odds with her mother-in-law Su Baozuan (Jin Yinji).

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