Love Is Beautiful 美丽家庭

This 35-episode drama revolves around the saying ‘Money is the root of all evil’. An intense drama that’s bound to keep viewers wanting more with its high drama storyline laced with elements such as love, hatred, revenge and viciousness. A piece of land is all it takes to break the Huang family apart. Huang Wanshan bought a house and a plot of land some 30 years back and stayed there with his family, his sister and her foster son, Zhen Liheng for a few years. His sister and Liheng are left to tend the house when Wanshan’s family moves out. Both Wanshan’s family and Liheng claim to be the lawful owner of the land when a land developer offers $5 million for it. When Liheng fails to claim ownership to the land, he vows to revenge. After the dispute with Liheng, Wanshan plans to buy a bungalow so that all his children can stay under one roof. But the $5 million proves too much for kinship. Each of Wanshan’s children begins to scheme against one another so as to bag the money. Will Wanshan’s wish be fulfilled ? Are his children able to put aside their greed for family ties ?

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