Mind's Eye 心眼
Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适 Some Violence 些许暴力画

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Thriller, Supernatural, Drama

Possessing the gift of precognition, a young female P.I. must harness her unpredictable ability and race against time to pre-empt homicides before they take place. What happens when she discovers he is up against a serial killer armed with the same potent gift as her? 具有预知能力的年轻女私家侦探,如何运用与生俱来的能力,协助警方破解一宗宗案件。当她终于和恶名昭彰的连环碎尸案嫌犯面对面时,才发现对方竟然跟她一样,怀有异能...

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