Mrs P.I. 查某人

Three housewives, Dai Xiumei, Yun Feixue and Qiu Shuangxi, witness someone falling to her death. The deceased, Li Huiling, had toppled from her kitchen window. Xiumei lives below Huiling’s unit. She is a helpful person who volunteers as the deputy chairman of the residents’ committee. Feixue is a typical auntie who likes to read romantic novels. She became acquainted with Huiling in the market. Shuangxi sells cosmetics from home and Huiling is one of her customers. All three women feel sad for Huiling’s husband, Zhang Jiaqiang. Xiumei’s husband, Guo Renjie, is a police officer. Xiumei is always worried about her teenage daughter Jiaxin, because Jiaxin went missing once when she was a child. Feixue lives with her fatherin- law, Chen Caifa, husband Chen Weizhong and two sons, Zhilong and Zhixiong. Shuangxi and her husband, Zhang Yongjun, are very loving and they have a son, Tianyang, whom they treat like a buddy... Synopses taken from 8 DAYS

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