Man Of The House 男人当家

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

A man who seems to have led a perfect and diligent life retires from his job only to discover his wife is determined to divorce him and all his sons are facing relationship problems of their own. It’s now up to the men to straighten things out. Stars: Li Wenhai, Vincent Ng, Alan Tern, Wang Yuqing, Eelyn Kok, Janelle Chin, Phyllis Sim. Zhen Shengli (Li Wenhai) is a Mr Perfect. All his life, he has never done anything wrong; he is a great employee to his boss, a respectable elder to his juniors, a filial son, a responsible father, and most importantly, a faithful husband. He has been married to his wife Zhou Huijing (Jess Teong) for 30 years and has never strayed or done a single wrong deed in their marriage. Today is the day of his retirement after putting in his best efforts working for the last 30 years. As usual, it is a beautiful morning as his lovely wife gets everything ready for him and sends him to the door. He gets to the office and the company has organised a wonderful farewell party for him. Shengli feels proud of himself for all his accomplishments and is just wondering how to spend his retirement days when a chain of unexpected events descend upon him, leaving him astounded and unable to cope. On the day of his retirement, Huijing declares that she has fulfilled her duties as a wife and is determined to divorce Shengli and be with a new man Li Hongru (Wang Yuqing). In the days that follow, Shengli experiences a totally different lifestyle. Life is no longer perfect and beautiful. Tiresome household chores, three problematic sons and his meddlesome father are all factors contributing to Shengli’s vastly different lifestyle. He begins to understand that he has indeed missed out much in life in the years gone by. He slowly realises and starts all over again to learn how to shower his family with the complete love that he has never been able to give before. His eldest son, Zhen Jianyi (Vincent Ng) is a lazy, unmotivated and careless bum who never finishes what he starts and is considered the loser of the family who will never achieve anything. His ex-wife, Wang Shuxian (Janelle Chin) has left with their only son, Xiao Bi, to raise him on her own. Jianyi has never looked for them or tried to find out how they are doing.

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