Marry Me 我要嫁出去

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

R AND B Club is a matchmaking agency. Its owner, Hong Caihong, is pretty and eloquent, and good at her job. She has matchmade many couples, but is still single herself because she has too many choices. Caihong lives in a rented house with a pair of cousins. Liu Xixi is a gynaecologist and was her primary schoolmate. Liang Ruoxian is a radio DJ. Caihong hosts a programme about love with Ruoxian. Caihong is concerned about her cousins and often sets up dates for them. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Caihong is busy giving her customers dating tips. Nurse Xu Xiaodong wants to ask Xixi out on Valentine’s Day, but changes his mind after her assistant, Joey, teases him. Caihong arranges for Ruoxian to meet Jack. Ruoxian causes Jack to be injured and rushes him to the hospital. Jack is happy, as he gets to see Caihong, who is the one he prefers. Caihong and her pals lose their dates on Valentine’s Day, and Caihong is injured.

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