Moon Fairy 奔月

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Historical, Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Building on and making inferences from two popular legends – ‘Chang Er Flies to The Moon’ and ‘Hou Yi Shoots The Suns’, this 30 episode period drama is filled with romance and action. The Queen mother of the west (a goddess) insists that her daughter, Luo Shen marries the coarse He Bo. In protest, Luo Shen flees to the mortal world where she meets Hou Yi. Both Luo Shen and Chang Er soon fall for the courageous Hou Yi, resulting in a love triangle. Luo Shen feels that Chang Er's love for Hou Yi far exceeds hers and thus decides to back out of the love triangle. Luo Shen's backing out makes her mother furious as she views it as losing a battle to the mankind. Seeking revenge, she casts ten Suns in the sky all at once, hoping to prove that immortals are stronger and more powerful. Hou Yi puts on the brave front and shoots down nine Suns and as a result wins support of the common people. This made Hou Yi arrogant and more ambitious. When Hou Yi disregards her love for him, Chang Er obtains a weed to immortality and begs Hou Yi to leave the mortal world with her. But Hou Yi refuses. The heartbroken Chang Er then flies off to the moon on her own...

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