Morning Express 阳光列车

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Morning Express (阳光列车) is a 20-episode television drama series. It revolves around a dedicated secondary school teacher, who, after some bad brushes with the law in the past, seeks to inspire his students.An enthusiastic young teacher Fang Ansheng meets with a traffic accident. When he regains consciousness in the hospital, he vaguely recalls being saved by a girl. At the hospital, he is also baffled when reprimanded by a lady Ye Xingping.Soon after, Ansheng is assigned to a new school. Although given the post of form teacher at the worst class, Ansheng happily accepts the challenge to convert the students. He further realises Ye Xiaojing, the girl who had saved his life, happens to be one of his students.As school reopens, a transferred student Xu Yongqiang absents himself for many days. Ansheng’s probing into the matter uncovers Yongqiang’s involvement in a theft case. Out of curiosity, he attends the hearing to see Xingping in the plaintiff’s seat. Ansheng then witnesses Yongqiang’s sister Meifeng pleading with Xingping to withdraw her charges. When he knows that Meifeng has singlehandedly brought up Yongqiang by selling vegetables in a market, Ansheng resolves to make Yongqiang turn over a new leaf. Unfortunately, Yongqiang continues his reckless ways even though declared innocent in the court case.Ansheng’s spirits begins to dampen when only Xiaojing bothers to attend his first tuition class. However, Xiaojing and her cheerful personality spurs Ansheng to go on with his mission. By chance, Ansheng discovers that Xingping and Xiaojing are sisters, and their father was the counselor who had helped Ansheng in the reformatory. In gratitude, Ansheng tries his best to look after the Ye sisters and falls in love with Xingping in the process.Unfortunately, Xiaojing is diagnosed to be suffering from a genetic heart disease. Faced with ending of her life, Xiaojing refuses to quit school. Her determination and love of life touches her class. Even Ansheng is affected, and reveals his own road to success to Yongqiang as a positive guide. He also organises a track and field team, as a means to combine studies with extra-curricular activities. Regaining his confidence on the stadium tracks, Yongqiang begins to pick up in his school work too.Just as the whole class is prepared to show their best in the examinations, Yongqiang is accused of having stolen the exam papers and faces expulsion. Ansheng speaks up for his student and manages to dissuade the principal, as well as find the real culprit. Ansheng’s determination in education wins the heart of the whole school.At last, Xiaojing gets her final wish to complete the examinations in her hospital room. Yet, when the whole school is engrossed in the examination hall, she fades away quietly, leaving behind a picture of the sun after the rain and the words “A Teacher Forever”, to the one who has his all to education.

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