Mystery S1 迷离夜 1
Supernatural Content

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Thriller

One night, a camera crew is shooting a commercial in a forest. When the shooting ends, the well-known model, Xu Shanhua (Zhang Shili), wants to leave as her boyfriend, Liu Haichuan(Lin Jinchi), has arrived to fetch her home. The production assistant stops her from leaving as a photographer, Shao Xueliang (Wang Yuqing), will be taking photos of her. At the mention of Xueliang, Shanhua looks unhappy and tells the production assistant that she does not wish to have her photos taken by him. Apparently, all the shots turn out to be unflattering. At that moment, Xueliang, who has a habit of coming late for his appointments, arrives and persuades Shanhua to stay. As she is not on good terms with him, she refuses to do so. Suddenly, a fake spider drops on her body. She screams. Xueliang seizes the opportunity to take candid shots of her. Shanhua demands that he returns her the negatives but he ignores her. At the carpark, Xueliang notices a girl dressed in white (Zhu Leling) staring at him. His curiosity aroused, he approaches her. However, she suddenly disappars. Xueliang feels scared and quickly leaves. Shanhua and Haichuan, who are in the car, notice Xueliang on his motorcycle in front of them. Out of spite, Shanhua insigates Haichuan into giving Xueliang a fright. At that moment, Xueliang notices the girl in white again. He is so distracted by her sudden appearance that he does not notice Haichuan's car coming towards him. Xueliang is knocked down and falls down the slope. When he gets up, he sees shadows all around him. Scared out of his wits, he quickly runs away, leaving his motorcycle behind. Xueliang informs his landlady who is also his ex-classmate, Luo Meijun (Lin Lizhu), about his encounter. Meijun is curious and offers to acompany him to the site again to look for his motorcycle and his box of working tools. When Xueliang and Meijun go there the following morning, they realize that the area is used for on-location filming. Although they manage to find the motorcycle, the box is nowhere to be found. Xueliang reports for work and finds Shanhua there, complaining to hisboss about his rude behavior. She demands for the negatives. A dejected Xueliang informs her that his box containing the negatives is missing but she refuses to believe him. His boss then reproaches him. Xueliang is angry and leaves in a huff. On his way home, he again sees the girl in white. After taking photos of her, he tries to talk to her but she disappears before he can do so. Outside his house, he finds, to his surprise, that his box of working tools has been returned. There is a message attached and Xueliang finds the handwriting familiar. To find out if he has managed to capture the girl on camera, Xueliang immediately develops the negatives. To his annoyance, Meijun suddenly rushes into the darkroom, thus exposing the film. Meijun is anxious to warn Xueliang after reading a novel about a man who has the same encounter as him. She deduces that the girl in white is a ...

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