Nama Saya Kassim Selamat S2

Audio: Malay
Genre: Children and Family, Drama, Older Kids (7-12)

'Nama Saya Kassim Selamat' the series, won the Best Children’s Programme at the recent Pesta Perdana 2013. In light of this recent win, this proposal seeks to further explore and expand the wonderful world of Kassim Selamat.The series continues to look into the life of Kassim, who leads a charmed life as the youngest son in a very loving yet eccentric family made up of his parents who are incredibly loving and loves black and white P Ramlee movies; his sister Azura, an aspiring filmmaker; his brother Nordin, the hopeless romantic and his adorable, loving grandfather who loves to sing old Malay songs. With new adventures beyond home and school, this season will bring the audience through a learning journey in understanding the simple things in life and discovering the things that truly matter. Kassim, together with his family and friends will explore the beauty of their culture and tradition as well as learning to appreciate one another as they go searching for Datuk who goes later goes missing. Adopting a similar treatment as season one, this new season of Namaku Kassim Selamat, will carry through important life lessons for our young viewers.

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