Odd-upation 奇异特工
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Info-Ed

There is an old saying: ‘365 types of jobs in this world, 1 maestro in every occupation’. With the constantly multiplying and evolving demands of modern society, the number of possible occupations out there to cater to these needs has definitely exceeded way beyond 365 and also our imagination. Some occupations these days are unconventional and intriguing not just in terms of job description but also pay surprisingly well. In this refreshing and fun infotainment series, viewers will be introduced to some of the most unusual occupations and trades that were actually developed to keep up with society’s modernised thinking, habits, consumption patterns and quirks. 有句老话说,三百六十五行,行行出状元。 。随着时代的改变,生活节奏的加快,生活品质的提升,社会乱象丛生,人们需求越来越多,也越来越多变化,导致许多新兴、奇特的行业应时衍生。这些行业很多时候很稀有、很冷门,超乎我们想象。 这个轻松好玩的资讯节目将带领大家去见识不同地方的奇怪行业。有的存在已久,有的则是因应现代人的思想观念、生活习惯的改变等等而新冒出的行业。

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