Our Makan Places: Lost and Found S4

Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Food, Lifestyle, Variety

It’s back ! ! The one show on local television that satisfies both your curiosity and tastebuds returns with 8 tantalising episodes ! Host Gurmit Singh trawls the island with his guests to bring you the answers to such burning questions as:Where did the char kway teow, fishball noodles, Shanghai dim sum and all those stalls at Margaret Drive hawker centre move to ? Where did the dum briyani and chapati stalls at the old KTM/Tanjong Pagar railway station relocate to ? Is there any stall in Singapore still selling chicken rice balls ? Tell me where the Armenian Street char kway teow stall is ! I don’t know the name of the stall – but where’s the lor mee that used to be on the ground floor of Amoy Street hawker centre ? Sure, you could use the internet to get the answers – if you know the name of the stall, the hawker centre/coffeeshop it used to be at, or the street it was on. No idea ? Then watch Our Makan Places ! So get set to re-discover some of Singapore’s best and best-remembered makan stalls as Gurmit and Guest turn food detectives each week (guests include actor and host Suhaimi Yusof, food blogger Dr Leslie Tay, actress Belinda Lee, and comedian Hossan Leong).

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