Our Makan Places: Lost and Found S5

Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Food, Lifestyle, Variety

Our Makan Places: Lost and Found is back for its fifth season and this year the dynamic duo are reunited once again. Join food detectives Gurmit Singh and Michelle Chia as they lead viewers on a food trail hunting for favourite makan places that are lost and have been relocated. Still looking for your favourite stalls from the Margaret Drive hawker centre ? Want to find out where the Longhouse stalls are moving to after its closure ? What about hawker stalls that have now moved and upgraded to become restaurants ? What about the small cafes and bistros that have captured your stomachs but moved away ? Gurmit and Michelle will attempt to answer these burning questions for you. And on their hunt, the effervescent hosts learn about the histories of these well-loved eating places and the stories of those who do their best to satisfy our stomachs and taste buds.

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